Educational cooperation

Exploring best practices of Germany in order to strengthen human capital and promote the development of science and education in Azerbaijan, as well as bilateral scientific-academic cooperation are of interest to Azerbaijan.

Germany is among the top countries in the world where Azerbaijanis currently study.

Azerbaijan cooperates with the leading universities of Germany and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in the framework of the implementation of the State Program on Education of Azerbaijani Youth Abroad. The number of Azerbaijanis studying in the German higher education institutions, during 2016/2017 academic calendar year, was 240. This figure equaled to 1974 for the years 2007-2017.

DAAD, operating in Azerbaijan since 1997, provides scholarships to Azerbaijani students and promotes the exchange of scholars. In 2017, 218 Azerbaijanis were granted a DAAD scholarship. In total, about 1000 Azerbaijanis currently study in Germany.

Since 2010, the "Chair of History of Azerbaijan" has been functioning at Humboldt University in Berlin.

23 documents on academic-scientific cooperation have been signed between German and Azerbaijani universities and research institutions. 


Date of last update: 05.11.2018