Cultural cooperation

The beginning of the cultural relations between Azerbaijan and Germany dates back to the XIX century. The centuries-long tolerance atmosphere established in Azerbaijan has created the favorable ground for deep sociability, between German immigrants and the local population, since the first times of their relocation to Azerbaijan in the early XIX century. Even though the Germans were forced to abandon these places during World War II, their cultural heritage has been duly preserved. Mutual respect and reverence for the national values of each other is the main characterizing feature of cultural relations of the Azerbaijani and German peoples. The German orientalists have provided important services in introducing magnificent cultural heritage of the Azerbaijani people to the world scientific community and German architects made valuable contributions to urban planning culture in Azerbaijan. It is commendable that various Azerbaijani cultural and art samples are kept in several German museums.  

After restoring its independence, the development of cultural relations between Azerbaijan and Germany has entered into a new stage. Agreement on Cultural Cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Federal Republic of Germany, dated 22.12.1995, constitutes the legal basis in this field.

“QGallery Berlin” Gallery operates in Germany. The Gallery regularly hosts in Berlin art, photo and sculpture exhibitions of Azerbaijani and German artists. 

Regular events are organized in Germany to promote Azerbaijani culture, traditions, art, music, cuisine, as well as enhance cultural exchanges and intensify intercourse with German people. 

In this regard, in the framework of “Year of Azerbaijan” in Germany, about 100 events have been held in 12 cities of Germany, as well as German Cultural Weeks has been organized in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani Cultural Nights have been held in various cities of Germany such as Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg, Hannover, Düsseldorf, Dresden, Frankfurt and etc. 

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan has signed, on 30.08.2016, an Order on the 200th Anniversary of the establishment of German settlements in the South Caucasus. Based on the very Decree, the 200th Anniversary of the establishment of German settlements in the South Caucasus was widely celebrated in Azerbaijan and Germany, numerous events dedicated to this historic event were organized in Baku, Berlin and other cities.

In order to promote its rich culture and cultural tourism potential in Germany, Azerbaijan participates with a national stand at the annual Frankfurt Book Fair and ITB Berlin International Tourism Fair.


Date of last update: 18.03.2021

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