Activities of “ASAN Service” in 2016

“ASAN Xidmət” (“ASAN Service”) – Azerbaijan’s internationally acclaimed and UN-awarded public service delivery mechanism – continued its outstanding activities in 2016.

“ASAN Service” has formed a system, which invalidates any condition that may be conducive to corruption, red tape and malfeasance, and holds the highest customer satisfaction rate. “ASAN Service” has succeeded in establishing a totally new, qualitatively exemplary relationship between service providers and citizens whilst increasing the level of confidence and trust towards state entities and their activities. Together with the application of the most advanced information technology, the use of services is now simpler, less time-costly and more transparent.

Public services offered in “ASAN Service” centers include the issuance of identity documents, passports, residence permits, notarized documents, registration of civil status, renewal of driving licenses, issuance of business licenses, etc. Private companies also offer various services including banking, insurance, translation, legal assistance, tourism, mobile communication, utilities etc. All services in the centers are rendered on the basis of single standards and principles.

In 2016, the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which is a central executive body responsible for the management of “ASAN Service” and the organization of delivery of electronic services in the country, attained a number of achievement with the aim of rendering services of public and private entities to the citizens and foreign nationals residing in Azerbaijan in a more qualitative, transparent, comfortable, innovative manner with the application of advanced technologies.

The milestone achievements in the field of public service delivery in Azerbaijan can be summarized as follows:

  1. The geographic expansion of “ASAN Service” centers continued in the past year. Two more centers were opened in the Gabala and Masally regions of Azerbaijan to bring the total number of the service centers to 11, with five in Baku and 6 in the regions. This expansion will be carried on in 2017 and beyond.
  2. The number and quality of services and the service delivery process have been further enhanced. For instance, in December 2015 all licenses for entrepreneurship activities (except those related to the national security) were united under the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which should render licensing services in “ASAN Service” centres. As of January 2016 the procedures and conditions for issuing business licenses were simplified and brought under the “ASAN” umbrella.
  3. The number of applications for services from the citizens and foreign national residing in Azerbaijan received by “ASAN Service” reached more than 13 million. The number of its Facebook followers exceeds around 412 thousand. The public satisfaction rate has reached almost 99-100%.
  4. As part of “Mobile ASAN Service”, which included large well-equipped buses that render services to residents of remote regions that do not host a service center, a new concept of “ASAN Train” was launched in December 2016. “ASAN Train” will use Azerbaijan’s railroad system to significantly increase the accessibility to public and private services in the regions.
  5. Launched in December 2015, “ASAN Radio 100 FM” is the first-ever and the only radio station specialized in the area of public service delivery. Its purpose is to deliver true, useful and immediate information to people and secure access to a wider audience. The Radio’s mission is to form an objective media entity, deliver first-hand information, participate actively in raising the public awareness and sensitize the society on “ASAN” services, novelties and projects.
  6. In December 2016 the first “ASAN Kommunal” (“ASAN Utilities”) center was inaugurated in Baku. The aim is to ensure the delivery of utility and other customer services to individuals and legal entities from a single location based on the principles and standards of “ASAN Service”.
  7. In December 2016, the State Agency launched the “ASAN Visa System” (www.evisa.gov.az). The system provides simplified online procedures for foreigners and stateless persons to apply for an electronic visa to visit Azerbaijan in just 3 simple steps, submit necessary information, pay visa fees and receive an electronic visa within 3 working days to their email addresses. There is no longer a need to visit embassies or consulates, request appointments and lose time in queues.
  8. As the holder of the United Nations Public Service Award the success of “ASAN Service” in transforming the public service delivery continued to garner the interest of other countries that seek to modernize this crucial sphere. Thus, the State Agency and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Afghanistan signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in establishing advanced public service delivery mechanism on 12 July 2016 in Kabul. The document creates a legal framework for transferring Azerbaijan’s relevant expertise and knowledge to Afghanistan and envisages concrete measures to that end. A homonymous entity – “Asan Khedmat” – was instituted in Afghanistan last year. 

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