Berlin hosted the exhibition of the Azerbaijani-Jewish artist Rami Meir

The exhibition of the Azerbaijani-Jewish artist Rami Meir took place at the QGallery Berlin on 24 November 2022. Leaders of leading organizations of Germany's Jewish community, representatives of government agencies, foreign diplomats, representatives of mass media, artists and members of the Azerbaijani community took part in the exhibition.

The exhibition, jointly organized by Azerbaijan's Embassy in Germany, 'Azerkhalcha' and the German-Azerbaijani Forum, was opened by Executive Director of the Azerbaijani-German Forum Parviz Yazdani. He told about Rami Meir and his art. He said Rami Meir, a Mountain Jew, was born in Azerbaijan, moved to Israel after the collapse of the Soviet Union and continued his activity as an artist there. He noted that the life of mountain Jews in Azerbaijan had always occupied a special place in Rami Meir's artistic activity. Holding exhibitions in various foreign countries, the artist always maintained ties with Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis.

Then Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Germany Nasimi Aghayev stated that he considered holding an exhibition of a Jewish artist of Azerbaijani origin in Berlin to be a notable event. Thanking Emin Mammadov, chairman of the board of directors of "Azerkhalcha", for supporting the exhibition, the ambassador noted that this event was important from the standpoint of presentation and promotion of Azerbaijan's interreligious harmony and multiculturalism traditions in Germany. Speaking about the rich heritage of tolerance that exists in Azerbaijan, Aghayev stressed that since ancient times in Azerbaijan there have been good fraternal ties between all nations and religions, including the Jewish community.

The Ambassador noted that people of Christian, Jewish and other religions live in Azerbaijan, where the majority of population is Muslim, along with the Islamic religion, in conditions of mutual understanding, good-neighborliness and peace. The diplomat noted that this tradition has played an important role in building and developing Azerbaijani-Israeli relations in the modern era. N. Agayev noted that last week Azerbaijani Milli Majlis (parlament) passed a decision to open Azerbaijan's embassy in Israel. It was noted that this important step will make an important contribution to the advancement of bilateral relations.

German historian Eva-Maria Auch talked in her speech about the history of mountain Jews in Azerbaijan.

After the speeches, participants viewed the exhibition.

A short video of the event can be seen at this link: https://youtu.be/x8srQRGn7N0 

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