Black January Victims commemorrated in Berlin

On 18 January 2023 an event was organized at the embassy of Azerbaijan in Germany in Berlin in commemoration of the Black January Victims. A photo exhibition dedicated to the tragedy was displayed as part of the event. The Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Germany Nasimi Aghayev delivered a speech at the event. In his speech the ambassador gave insight into the social and political processes taking place in the country on the eve of 20 January 1990. N. Aghayev told about pogroms and ethnic cleansing policy from 1987 against Azerbaijanis living in Armenia, territorial claims towards Azerbaijan as well as about unfair policy of the then Soviet leadership in relation to the country.

Samira Patzer-Ismailova, member of the board of the Azerbaijani-German Forum, spoke then about deep traces left by the tragedy of Black January in the memory of Azerbaijani people. She emphasized that the memory of victims who gave their lives for the independence of the country is always honoured by azerbaijani people with deep respect.

As part of the event, musical pieces by famous Azerbaijani and European composers were performed by azerbaijani pianist Masuma Dadashova, who has been living in Germany.


A short video of the event can be viewed via this link: https://youtu.be/713m1lCOSsM 

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