PRESS RELEASE of the Embassy of Azerbaijan: UN mission: No violence against civilians in Garabagh

Berlin, 5. October 2023

At the invitation of #Azerbaijan, a United Nations mission visited the Garabagh region of Azerbaijan on October 1. The mission traveled to the city of Khankendi, where the mission met with the local population and interlocutors and got a first-hand view of the situation on the ground.

In a statement, the mission said there was no sign of damage to civilian infrastructure, including hospitals, schools and housing, or to cultural and religious facilities in the parts of Khankendi city its team visited. The mission added that they had not heard of any incidents of violence against civilians following the ceasefire agreed on September 20, neither from the locals (of Armenian origin) interviewed nor from anyone else.

This statement by the UN mission exposes the entire propaganda of Armenia and its supporters against Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has not forced any resident of Armenian origin to leave Garabagh. On the contrary, immediately after the ceasefire, Azerbaijan called on Armenians to stay in Garabagh and live there as fully-fledged citizens of Azerbaijan with equal rights and security guarantees. In addition, in recent weeks, Azerbaijan has sent hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid, medicine, fuel, water, etc. to Armenians in Garabagh. Khankendi was connected to Azerbaijan's power grid and provided with electricity.

Azerbaijan has offered amnesty to all Armenian military personnel who laid down their arms. Thousands of Armenian soldiers and members of illegal armed formations who agreed to disarm traveled freely to Armenia.

Azerbaijani doctors and rescue teams are on site to help Armenians. The Lachin Road has also been used by the Red Cross and Russian peacekeepers to deliver aid to Garabagh, as well as by Armenian residents.

Unfortunately, despite the assurances mentioned above, many residents of Armenian origin have now left Garabagh. The calls from the Armenian armed separatists to leave the area and the fear spread by these separatists and the Armenian government in Yerevan played a significant role. Meanwhile, many Armenians who remained in Garabagh have already expressed their interest in acquiring Azerbaijani citizenship.

The Republic of Azerbaijan has already begun practical measures to reintegrate Armenians living in Garabagh. The government recently launched a portal (reintegration.gov.az) and invited all ethnic Armenians in Garabagh to voluntarily register to benefit from all government services and receive necessary support.

All rights of Armenians, including economic, social and cultural rights such as language, religion, etc., as well as participation in local elections, labor rights and use of all economic development programs are guaranteed by Azerbaijan.

Hundreds of thousands of Christians of all denominations live in Azerbaijan - including thousands of Armenians in Baku, Ganja and other major cities - 30,000 Jews, Baha'is and other religions as well as a large number of ethnic groups who live together peacefully. Azerbaijan's model of peaceful coexistence and positive multiculturalism enjoys international respect. Therefore, we are confident that the same harmonious coexistence can be restored in Garabagh and a chapter of mutual respect and trust can be opened in the relations of two people.


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